Teri Pugh Studio collaborates closely with the client to develop a foundational compass that directs every step of the project. To begin, we thoroughly assess the project, documenting every need and desire. As we dive into the process, Teri Pugh Studio develops an ideal floor plan that harmonizes with fixtures and furniture to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional project.


Teri Pugh Studio’s commitment to the client remains at the forefront throughout this phase. With a complete selection package and final floor plan approved, we embark on the next stage translating these details into tangible reality. We recognize the importance and understand the project needs to remain feasible, we meticulously manage the project’s scope and budget.


Teri Pugh Studio is dedicated to excellent, transparent communication and commitment to delivering a flawlessly executed design. We leverage our established relationships with trusted vendors and ensure each element aligns with the design intent. The team coordinates the construction and installation of every fixture, piece of furniture, and accessory placed as intended.


Teri Pugh adds depth and character to spaces by enhancing the overall ambiance by utilizing special interior wall, ceiling, and cabinet finishes. She and her team excel in various plasters and other techniques to create a sense of luxury and transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary art.